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Woodbeads  - Apr 2011

Well done to Mandy Barrow

Camp Permits Issued - April 2011

Well done to Stephanie Bailey, Lee Searle, Nick Roberts and Jon Booth on recieving their Camp Permits.

Camp Permit Achieved - June 2010

Well done to Andy Ginno on his hard earned Camp Permit

Woodbeads Achieved - June 2010

Congratulations to Bertie Downard and Jackie Ryland of 3rd Riverhead on achieving their wood beads, both within the scout section

First Aid Certification - May 2010

On our latest course in May 2010, these leaders from the District have a first aid certificate.

Andy King (Beaufighters), Nick Johnson (6th),Richard Puxty (3rd), Kevin Crawley (A/S), Peter Frankl (1st),Adam Cunnington (16th), Emma Searle (4th), Nigel Burgin (15th), Robin Mooney (3rd)

Well done to you all

Camp Permits Achieved - November 2009

Congratulations to Jacky Ryland and Katie McCreadie on validating their module 16 camp permits. Jacky has validated for Campsite and Katie Greenfield.

Woodbeads Achieved - November 2009

Congratulations to Caroline O'Mahony on achieving her Beaver Scout Leader Wood Beads and Rose Mears on achieving her LTM (Local Training Manager) Wood Beads.

Oct 2009 Module 16 - Nights Away course attended

An enjoyable weekend was had by the 8 leaders from the Sevenoaks District who attended this module at Hamlett Wood in Maidstone. Validation Camps now need to take place for Jacky Ryland, Lewis Mansell, Andy Ginno, Kather Rainer, Nick Roberts, Holly Meadows, Lee Searle and Kate Rainer for camp permits to be issued.

Woodbeads Achieved - May 2009

Congratulations to Scott Pullen, Caroline Durbaba & Stevo Durbaba of the 3rd Riverhead & Dunton Green Scout Group on completing their modular training to achieve their woodbeads.

Woodbeads Gained - Aug 2008

Congratulations to Sharon Gills from the 17th Westerham Scout Group on completing their modular training to achieve her woodbeads.

Food Hygiene Course - March 2006

All 10 adults from Sevenoaks who attended a Food Hygiene Course on Saturday 11th March and passed with flying colours. This was the first course of its kind run in Kent and all the leaders are now waiting with their fingers crossed for the results of the test to see if they have passed.

Congratulations to: June, Simon, Jeanette, Trevor, Ann, Chris, Ray, Caroline, Reed and Rose .


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