Sevenoaks District Scouts

3rd Sevenoaks (Riverhead and Dunton Green) Scout Group


The 3rd Sevenoaks (Riverhead and Dunton Green) Scout Group provides an active progressive programme for young people from the age of 6 to 18 years old.

We currently operate

  • Squirrel Drey - meet Fridays
  • Brookland Beaver Colony - meet Mondays
  • Broadmead Beaver Colony - meet Wednesdays (Membership 24)
  • Amherst Cub Pack - meet Wednesdays (Membership 36)
  • Stanhope Cub Pack - meet Mondays (Membership 36)
  • Bradbourne Scout Troop - meet Thursdays (Membership 50)
  • Lambarde Scout Troop - meet Friday Night (Membership 50)

We also host the Holmesdale Explorer Unit with 20+ Explorer Scouts on Tuesdays - 8pm to 9:30pm

Interested in joining?

As an adult volunteer or as a youth member.  Please visit our website at

Contact details

Group Lead Volunteer - Ian Manuel

Please contact us via our website


Latest photos

Tyler, Noeni,Ellie, Matthew and Liam
Parade Route
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