Sevenoaks District Scouts

District Cub Sixer Camp

10th - 12th June 2011

Participating are:

1st Braeside

1st Hicks

4th St Johns

6th Kemsing

7th Halstead

10th Weald

15th Seeone

15th Waingunga

17th Westerham

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Tyler, Noeni,Ellie, Matthew and Liam
Parade Route
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Plnder 1.jpg
Plender Hike Base E.jpg
unassisted  and assisted winners.jpg
Plender Hike Base E 2.jpg
Plender 10.jpg
Plender 9.jpg
Plender 8.jpg
Plender 7.jpg
Plender 5.jpg
Plender 6.jpg
Plender 3.jpg
Plender 4.jpg
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