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Westerham take the Cup

10th June 2007

Westerham take the Cup

DSCF0463.JPGOn Sunday 10th July the Sevenoaks District Cub Scouts held their annual football competition on Chipstead Common. 12 teams from 11 packs took part with over 80 cubs playing. The day was split into 2 parts, the group stage involving 3 leagues of 4 teams and the knock out stage with a Cup and a Plate Competition. After the Group stage the league tables were as follows:

League 1

Teams Won Drawn Lost Goal difference Points
1st Braeside 1 0 2 -1 3
3rd Amherst B 2 0 1 +1 6
10th Weald 0 0 3 -5 0
15th Waingunga 3 0 0 +5 9

League 2

Teams Won Drawn Lost Goal difference Points
1st Hicks Own 3 0 0 +7 9
3rd Stanhope 0 2 1 -1 2
12th Edenbridge 1 1 1 -1 4
16th Ide Hill 0 1 2 -5 1

League 3

Teams Won Drawn Lost Goal difference Points
3rd Amherst A 2 1 0 +5 7
6th Kemsing 0 0 3 -10 0
15th Seeonee 1 0 2 -1 3
17th Westerham 2 1 0 +6 7

The 12 teams were then split into either a Cup Competition (the top 8 teams) or a Plate Competition (the other 4 teams). The results were as follows:

Plate Competition
Semi – Finals

3rd Stanhope versus 6th Kemsing 6th Kemsing win
10th Weald versus 16th Ide Hill 16th Ide Hill win

3rd Place Play off

3rd Stanhope versus 10th Weald 3rd Stanhope win


6th Kemsing versus 16th Ide Hill 6th Kemsing win

Cup Competition
Quarter – Finals

1st Hicks Own versus 15th Seeonee 1st Hicks Own win
12th Edenbridge versus 15th Waingunga 12th Edenbridge win
3rd Amhurst B versus 17th Westerham 17th Westerham win
1st Braeside versus 3rd Amherst A 3rd Amherst A win

Semi – Finals

1st Hicks Own versus 3rd Amherst A 3rd Amherst A win
12th Edenbridge versus 17th Westerham 17th Westerham win

3rd Place Play Off

1st Hicks Own versus 12th Edenbridge 1st Hicks Own win


3rd Amherst A versus 17th Westerham 17th Westerham win

DSCF0528.JPGOther awards were given as follows:
Most enthusiastic team: 12th Edenbridge
Most sportsmanlike behaviour: 3rd Amherst A
Player of the Tournament: 17th Westerham

Many thanks to all for attending and congratulations and thanks go to 17th Westerham for doing the refreshments and to the Ide Hill Football Club for providing the referees. We estimate that there were over 200 people at the event. Next time, please can it not be quite so hot and would teams either win or lose in the knock out stage! I have never seen so much extra time or so many penalties!

Matthew Beacom.

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