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Scouts pack for Jamboree

24th December 2006

Scouts pack for Jamboree

A Scout Christmas Bag PackingOn Sunday 24th of December Scouts throughout Sevenoaks travelled to Sainsbury’s Supermarket in Otford to pack bags raising money to help them go to Jiingijambore and the 21st World Scout Jamboree.

Bag packing for the scouts started on Monday 18th and continued right through to Christmas Eve on the 24th of December. Packing started at 10am and finished at 4pm. Before being unleashed onto the shop floor they where given training on how to pack bags and where to put different items.

26 Scouts from Sevenoaks will be going on the JiingiJamboree at a cost of £450 per person. 6 Sevenoaks Scouts will be attending the 21st World Scout Jamboree. The fundraising helps to subsidise this cost.

Bag packing in SainsburysMatt, a Scout from 1st Phoenix had been bag packing for three days and said that people had been asking about Scouting and what they were raising money for. He also said “I never want to hear the words bag packing again!”

Sarah from 7th Halstead, a bag packing pro, has helped bag pack for the last 4 years and will probably be back again next year.

Their aim was to raise £2000 and have already exceeded this target. Altogether over the past week they have covered about 500 man hours, and have had over 43 scouts participate in the bag packing.

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