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District GSL's Meeting
22nd March 2018 20:00 - 21:15

Climbing Rope Leader Permit Training
23rd 19:30 - 24th March 2018 16:00

Archery Leadership Permit Training
7th 9:00 - 8th April 2018 17:00

Air Rifle Leader Permit Training
14th 10:00 - 15th April 2018 16:30

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Drivethrough - Scouts provide tea and coffee in traffic jam

21st March 2008

Drivethrough - Scouts provide tea and coffee in traffic jam

TrafficDuring chaos and confusion on some of Kent’s busiest roads on Thursday night, leaders from 3rd Sevenoaks Scout Group took hot drinks to the masses.

Thursday evening’s Scout Troop meeting was a little different from normal. Following a ‘geocaching’ activity in the local area, it was clear traffic through Riverhead was at a standstill.

Simon, an Assistant Scout Leader at the Troop said “After the Scouts had gone home we had a family come down the driveway asking to use the toilets, we happily obliged and decided to keep the Scout hut open for others to use and get free refreshments. Placing a sign at the top of the driveway, and putting on high visibility jackets, we wondered through the cars along Bradbourne Vale Road taking hot teas and coffees. There were a whole range of people stuck including families, university students, visitors from abroad and lorry drivers. Some had been on the road for over 8 hours and were glad of a quick chat. Many didn’t know where they were as they had been diverted from the M20/M26 onto the A25.

Serving hot drinks from 9.30pm until 1.30am when the traffic cleared in the wind and rain was tiring, but very rewarding, and we got to meet a lot of interesting people.”

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