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Cubs put on a show

30th November 2008


Cubs Put on a Show

Around 40 cubs came together at West Heath School where they learnt their parts, rehearsed them and performed; all in the course of 9 hours and this included a lunch break and the 90 minutes running time for the performance!

The cubs were absolutely brilliant all day and got stuck into the task in hand with hardly a minute to spare between learning one routine and going into the next. Cubs played instruments, told jokes did magic, some came together for an audience participation song others did a sketch and one pack performed a Panto. There was a dance routine and a small carol concert at the end of the show. The leaders didn’t get let off either and they performed ‘If I were not a Cub Leader’ which involved precise timing and quite a lot of luck!

The Scout Fellowship were running ‘Front of House’ and saw everyone to their seats and also helped behind stage. Cub leaders, and some parents worked tirelessly all day so that the show could go on. There was obviously a lot of effort put into this show but I am sure that everyone thought it was worth it

Well Done Cub Scouts.

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