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4th River Crossing

6th July 2007

4th River Crossing
Scout river crossing

How do you cross a river, without a bridge, and not get wet? 4th Sevenoaks (St John’s) Scout Group found out on Friday 6th July.

If you had been walking along a peaceful river path in Shoreham, on a beautiful sunny evening, you would have found a group of noisy, wet and very happy Cubs and Scouts. Their aim was to get across the river Darenth as quickly as possible without getting wet (of course they failed at that).

How did they do this? They lashed together pioneering spars to make A-frames with ropes attached at the top to hold it upright and ropes on the sides to move the legs. The person standing on the cross bar moved to one side allowing their teammates to pull the other leg forwards using the ropes. By shifting their weight from one side to the other and working as a team they were able to progress across the river as if on stilts.

It has been organised by the devoted leaders of 4th Sevenoaks Scout Group for 4 or 5 years and has become something of an annual event.Scouts cross river in Shoreham

Report By Matthew Prentice MST (Media Scout Team)

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